At Cuzena

We seek out hidden Arabic Flavours and make them world famous.

We believe that food should bring people together. We honour the Arabic tradition of ‘one plate’ by designing all our dishes to be shared. True happiness must be shared.

years in
the making

Say hello to Madamous, it’s our particular secret blend on a 5,000 year old Arabic recipe. It’s a flavoursome Fava Bean dip cooked with the freshest of onions, garlic, tomatoes, coriander and a perfectly added selection of Moroccan spices with just a touch of chilli heat.

So Fava,
So Good!

Not only is Madamous insanely healthy, high in protein and low in fat but it has a party trick too….unlike a conventional dip which is only eaten cold, Madamous is the only dip that can be enjoyed hot or cold which makes this a completely unique addition to your dining experience…

We don’t worry about calories, but in case you do… Madamous contains 75% less calories than an average pot of Humous!

There are heaps of ways
to eat Madamous

Here are our favourites

  • Madamous makes the perfect companion to your favourite flatbread.
  • Make your own bruschettas, with a heaped spread of Madamous, a sprinkle of tomato fresh coriander and a drizzle of olive oil.
  • Or enjoy as a complete meal, alongside some scrambled eggs or even lusciously heaped on a freshly baked potato

So Far

My Name is Shadia

I am the founder of Cuzena. My love for Arabic flavours prompted me to explore innovative cuisine. Uncomplicated food straight on your table to enjoy as simply as you would a pot of houmous!

We are going in guns blazing, so we are starting with our absolute favourite, Madamous. With a range of three aromatic fava bean dips eaten daily in the east yet undiscovered in the west with thousands of years of culinary history. Traditionally eaten hot we have created an innovative blend which also allows you to enjoy when eaten cold.

A Fabulous Fava bean dip loaded with aromatic spices, garlic, coriander & chilli

A Fabulous Fava bean dip packed with sweet, caramelized onion.

A Fabulous Fava bean dip with a fiery stash of chilli, aromatic spices, garlic & coriander.

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