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Our Story

A British Middle Eastern food brand. Full of colour, full of life and thoroughly modern.

Based in Manchester UK now exists a small team. At the forefront is Shadia Al Hili “The Fava Bean Slayer" who formed the company around a simple recipe (Ful Madamous) from her late fathers homeland. Recognising her British roots and respecting her Arabian heritage, CUZENA was born with a mission to introduce people everywhere to the magic of the Middle East.

Shadia became obsessed with the health properties of the fava bean and all its versatility. She set off on a fearless quest to share the undiscovered flavours of the Middle East. With the intent to show the simplicity and health benefits of eating Middle Eastern food. From local delis in Manchester to Selfridges & Wholefoods…then Covid hit and the world stopped.

However, Shadias unwavering belief of introducing flavours not yet known to the mainstream only strengthened. In true Cuzena style launching a 'new to market' range of Middle Eastern Stir-In sauces for both retail and food service. With an exciting array of products in the pipeline to follow.

Leading a small but ambitious team who are rightfully making waves with listings into Asda (Nationwide) Co-op (Nationwide), Spar (Nationwide), Asda On The Move, Booths, Eurogarages & Spar Ireland. The journey continues making it…

....‘Middle Eastier, A Little Easier’

(P.S CUZENA means kitchen in Moroccan. The letters Z & E are central to the word and represent Shadias children's names (Zena & Eilsel) who are at the heart of everything she does 😍)



Say hello to the Cuzena team! We may be small but we are fearless explorers!

Sally Middleton

Sales & Operation Director

Lewis Brown-Stark

Sales & Marketing

Jack Thorington

Social & Accounts