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Sahara Barbeque

Smoky, sweet, and spicy, our Sahara Barbeque Stir-In Sauce will transport you to the sand dunes of your mind, where a sizzling BBQ awaits. With warming cumin, peppery paprika and vibrant Ras-El-Hanout, this sauce lets you dip, drizzle, and marinade your way to flavour you never knew existed!

Harissa & Lemon

Fiery, zesty and vibrant, our Harissa & Lemon Marinade is the OG of our Stir-In Sauce range. With smoky Rose Harissa, tongue-tingling chilli, and lively preserved lemon, this sauce lets you dip, drizzle, and marinade your way to authentic Middle Eastern magic!

Moroccan Shawarma

Spicy, rich, and aromatic, our Moroccan Shawarma Stir-In Sauce unlocks hidden Arabic flavours to evoke the vibrancy and excitement of Middle Eastern street food. With smooth tahini, punchy garlic, fresh turmeric and lively chilli, this sauce lets you dip, drizzle, and marinade and really impress any novice with authentic flavour!



These sauces are absolutely delicious. We tried them as a dip and as a sauce added to our meals. They are gorgeous. Really authentic, and incredibly moreish! After the first meal the whole family asked me to make meals we could then to again!


Mrs E A Graham

Amazon Buyer

What beautiful sauces, and with their each individual flavours, i will absolutely be re purchasing!! They were amazing and completely transformed the flavour of the food I cooked. If you're looking for a true authentic, home cooked flavour, then these are certainly the ones to use.. Amazing !!!



Amazon Buyer

My go to everytime for an easy and tasty meal! I prefer them best with ribs or lamb chops and any remaining sauce is always amazing on the side for dipping. I've reccomended them to everyone I will deffo be buying again.



Marketing Personal

The variety of flavours - Harissa & Lemon, Moroccan Shawarma, and Sahara Barbeque - truly capture the essence of Middle Eastern cuisine. Each sauce is rich and authentic, perfect for marinades or as dipping sauces. The pack offers a great way to explore Middle Eastern flavours without the hassle of making the sauces from scratch. It's a delightful addition to any BBQ or meal, adding a burst of those distinct Middle Eastern tastes.



Amazon Buyer