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Frequently asked questions

Here's a roundup of some frequently asked questions to help you out!

What does CUZENA mean?
Cuzena means kitchen in Arabic! Also, the Z & E represents our founders Shadia Al Hili children's initials!
Where are Cuzena stocked?
Cuzena are thrilled to be stocked in some amazing retailers: Co-op, Spar, Booths & Eurogarages.
What is a 'Chip & Dip'?
Chip & Dips are our delicious snack pots with mouthwatering houmous with toasted pretzels in a handy resealable pot! Perfect for a mid-day snack or a healthy lunch!
What does 'Middle Eastier, A Little Easier' mean?
In short, Cuzena know not everyone is going to be able to whip up a full middle eastern meal every night so we aim to make it so you can bring the taste of the middle east to any of your regular meals!