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Bring the Middle East to your festive food this year!
Cuzena exists to show that Middle Eastern cuisine needn’t be intricate and time-consuming, as the ingredients used make for one of the healthiest diets you can adopt featuring humble beans and pulses, lean proteins and antioxidants-rich vegetables herbs like Mint and Parsley added to most dishes! 
This festive season, elevate your (or lack of) culinary experience by infusing Middle Eastern flavours into your meals within minutes! Adding a touch of aromatic richness to your table and promising you more time to enjoy the festivities knowing nutritionally there is a balance of health and deliciousnessness. (We know there is always a chocolate tin, or a mince pie never too far away- we did say balance ;)) 
Cuzena makes it Middle Eastier a little easier so you can Feast Like The Middle East in minutes. We’re here to make Middle Eastern cuisine accessible to everyone, and our range of sauces simplifies the process ensuring mouthwatering dishes are simple, ensuring we add a showstopper of flavour to your table.  The natural medicinal value of spices used in Middle Eastern cuisine which are specific and found in our sauces will help the de-hydration of consuming alcohol. (So that means your diet can help alleviate the bad head you get when indulging in a few too many Buck Fizzes!) 
Here are some inspiring flavour combinations to ignite your creativity this festive period 🎄
Harissa & Lemon Stir-In Sauce:
Harissa & Lemon Roasted Carrots (sprinkled with Pine Nuts)
8 medium-sized carrots 
25g pine nuts
2tbls honey 
Preheat oven to 200 Degrees.
Peel and cut your carrots in half then half again - parboil for 20 minutes. 
Heat a few tbls of oil in an oven dish
Transfer the carrots to the oven dish & pour over the sauce.
Cook in the oven for a further 15 minutes, then add a touch of honey over the carrots and sauce mix well and pop back in the oven to caramelise.
Add your pine nuts to a frying pan, with no oil or butter. The natural oil contained in the nuts will allow them to become golden. Keep shaking the pan, until they brown evenly.
Carefully lift the carrots out of the oven, and sprinkle the pine nuts over them.
    Harissa & Lemon Hasselback Potatoes:
    Now we know that Hassleback Potatoes are a real show stopper but are soooooo time-consuming, here is our microwave hack to make this show stopper in half the time! 
    4 medium potatoes
    I tbls Lazy garlic 
    Sprinkle of parsley 
    Scrub potatoes and prick them with a fork 
    Place in the microwave and cook on high until just fork tender, approximately 8 - 15 minutes, depending on the size of the potatoes and your microwave.
    While the potatoes are in the microwave, add oil to a baking tray ensuring the oil gets hot. Remove potatoes from the microwave and thinly slice. 
    Drizzle the Harissa & Lemon sauce over the potatoes (Hassleebacks are known for their garlic taste so feel free to add some very lazy garlic it will infuse the sauce if your preference is garlicky potatoes!) 
    Place in the oven and bake at 250 Degrees for 10 - 15 minutes or until the tops are browned and potatoes are very tender. 
    Sprinkle with parsley and serve. 
    We are all about convenience these suggestions will boost your xmas dishes with easy additions to make it Middle Eastier with foods you already enjoy at xmas! 
    Moroccan Shawarma Stir-In Sauce: 
    Moroccan Shawarma Mac & Cheese Once you make your Roux add the Macaroni then mix in the sauce and place in the oven to cook. 
    Moroccan Shawarma Brussels Sprouts We recommend you cut your sprouts in half, so the sauce can soak in, and cook at 200 degrees for 25 minutes! 
    Moroccan Shawarma Stuffing On mixing the stuffing with your hot water, half it and add the sauce until you can make you can mould your stuffing balls in your hand and cook in the oven to packet instructions.
    Sahara Barbecue Stir-In Sauce:
    Sahara Barbecue Chicken Wings Pour over wings, and cook, we suggest you leave a little back and a couple of minutes before they are fully cooked add the rest of the sauce. 
    Sahara Barbecue Glazed Salmon Pour over and cook… it's really as simple as that! 
    These suggestions are just the beginning of the delightful feasts you can create this holiday season. Middle Eastern flavours are incredibly versatile, offering unlimited possibilities. Simplify your cooking process by replacing the hassle with one of our Middle Eastern Stir-In Sauces. Click the link here to explore our range on Amazon. 
    Oh and don't forget to stock up on some delicious Baklava for dessert!
    We would love to see all your Middle Eastern feasts this Christmas so be sure to tag us over on our socials @cuzena